Toby Larocque’s Thoughts on the US Presidential Election 2016

It seems that 2016 perhaps has been one of the craziest presidential elections of all times. People are up in arms suggesting that the election has racist undertones, the ideology of Mr. Trump is inherently evil, the economy will suffer and so on. On the other end of the spectrum people are so proud to have a new businessman as a president, someone that is not a politician, or at least ….was not. People love his policies, and are not afraid to say it.


Ultimately if we look at the overall majority vote – it was darn close to the tune of 50/50. I believe, therein lies the true problem that is not often discussed. Whether we chose right, wrong, or what the outcome will be based on our decision, in my opinion, is moot to even discuss.

How is it possible that our nation is divided so close in votes? Statistics alone would tell us the probability of this is extremely low, perhaps even within a probability of 1 out of 100 (contact me for the math later). So, the chances of us being so close, election after election despite a statistical near impossibility, we must begin to accept that something else is at play.

But what else could be at play, is it possible that the choice we choose is based in nothing more than a flip of the coin and each time it lands different? Is it possible that no matter how much analysis our brains do with respect to our political decision for president, the ultimate synopsis firing in our brain is little more than a coin toss, that tricks our emotion and even our logic? Or is it more likely that out of pure random chance 1 out of 2 of us seems to always disagree on the right candidate.

Mathematically it sure seems that we are spending countless billions of dollars, arguments between people, families, and even countries all for no reason at all.

The point of life is to be happy, do good for others, and do right for your religion and family, I think most people would agree. This election has made many people unhappy and it all seems to be without cause. Let’s take the time to be happy with the President we have and be grateful for him or her no matter who is elected. I truly believe with a little hope; happiness can be found regardless of who you as an individual think is best as your political candidate.

For me, the vote I would cast would be for the candidate that will make a law that each election, every voter must flip a coin. The ballet will have your actual vote and your coin toss vote. It is my sincere belief that if we did this 1000 times, the statistical outcome would be consistent (not meaning the candidates would be the same), but the variance amongst candidates would converge to 0 in infinite. Basically, the coin would show that option A won 500 times and B won 500 times, just as often as your vote was a winning candidate or a losing candidate. We could then create a mathematical conclusion by analyzing the whole (how often every coin toss was right compared to every vote).

I believe this would be converge to the same number, and if I am right, our vote truly is entirely meaningless. We might as well flip a coin and save pour brain power for things that matter like playing at the park with our kids, caring for the elderly, and contemplating the true meaning of life.

Author :- Toby Larocque

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About Toby Larocque

Toby Larocque, a great entrepreneur with a background in Economics, owns several small businesses. He is a founder of NauticalNet, Excel Expert Utah, PV Marlin, and Targeted Advertising Solutions. Currently, he is working as a VP, Director of Operations in NebuCore. At present Toby Larocque lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has completed his education from University of California, Santa Barbara. He is fond of reading books and his passion for internet marketing and web development brought him into the corporate world.
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