Always Value Your Journey: Just a Thought or a Success Mantra?

While we all are at different stages of life, one common thing that we share is – not taking time to value the journey we’re on while constantly looking towards the destination. This is, in fact, one of the main causes, because of which, many entrepreneurs, and business leaders remain unhappy no matter what type of earnings they make.

Whether you are a success story and have achieved everything in your life you set at the beginning of your journey, or you are just a startup and trying your best to get close to your goals, the hustle and bustle of your daily life certainly can draw out life, and you may forget to value your personal and professional journey.

Across the globe, there are mutli-millionaires, who make sizable earnings and are blessed with beautiful families. However, somewhere down the line, they are miserable. Believe me, I’ve come across many wealthy women and men, who feel they have missed a major part in the life and their happiness is at an all-time low.

Of course, that’s not their mistake. However, they somehow forgot to value their journey they were on. One thing that can be referred as the root of the problem is consistently striving to hit the next target, without appreciating or enjoying what has been achieved. What’s the point of dominating the game in the marketplace, if unable to enjoy it?

Although I’m not a subject-matter expert, I am beginning to learn the importance of appreciating and valuing the things I’ve achieved no matter how small.  I now believe that everyone should stop for a moment and take time to value the journey he or she is currently on. This is a mantra I follow and I’m now proud to say that I am able to find happiness in the things I was unable to prior.

I know, like myself, many of you find it difficult to value the journey with so many trials and tribulations along the way, especially as you believe you are not in a place where you wanted to be. However, I would venture to disagree. No matter what you have lost or what you have gained, you should always try to appreciate the experience of what you have. Don’t forget, no matter how challenging your situation is, there is most likely another human that would absolutely love to be in your shoes, it is just the nature of humanity.  If we can simply try to be happy and appreciate (and yes, it does sound cliché) what we have, it truly will provide us a more bountiful and peaceful life. This is also a journey. You nor I will never come close to being perfect at it, but the more we try it along the way, the better off we become. Once you do this, your mood, happiness and quality of life and work will become enhanced and you will be motivated to achieve even greater success.

Author:- Toby Larocque

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Can we send our feedback to Google regarding the changes in display?

Can we send our feedback to Google regarding the changes in display? by Toby Larocque

Answer by Toby Larocque:

I Think “Yes”. You can send feedback, describe your issues & share your ideas.

Open Google-> Settings(at footer) -> Send feedback.

By Toby Larocque

Can we send our feedback to Google regarding the changes in display?

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Fishing and Freedom: How Do They Interrelate?

Why is it that so many people enjoy fishing? Out on the open ocean, relaxing and waiting for a strike. Changing lures, throwing bait, leaving bananas at home, all sorts of activities to try and catch an allusive pelagic sport-fish.

What is it that drives so many of us to find true peace in this activity, while others really don’t care much about it? The answer is quite simple. We don’t know. What we do know is that people find some form of freedom out in the ocean that they are unable to express. Perhaps it is just a trick of the mind, but for me and so many others it feels absolutely real. It might be compared to an alcoholic’s moment of clarity, or a religious awakening, or maybe even just a great sport experience, but it is something we as fishermen and ocean goers find it difficult to express in words.


We simply say “I just love it” or think like that, but for so many of us it is much more. I find something when I’m out on the ocean that is powerful and rejuvenating. Some find it on top of a big mountain they have climbed, or at the final of a marathon, but the underlying principle in my opinion is a feeling of true freedom.

I believe in our regular lives, we are missing this feeling. Sure we are free, but are we completely? Rent, mortgages, phone bills, taxes, deadlines, etc. pull from our sense of freedom. If we must pay a tax against our will are we truly free? I am not here to say any of this is bad, or right or wrong, but I do believe we as a species have lost to some extent a sense of freedom.

Perhaps this is a trade off for better things like the cell phone I am writing this on or the airplane I am flying on. But the fact remains, I am only able to find true tranquility during some moments. If you think of this and apply it to your life, I am willing to bet that same tranquility is felt only when your mind has briefly forgotten about your “normal” life. Just think about it.

I believe the more we as humans can escape to activities in nature, the more our minds and bodies will rejuvenate and the better we will be at “normal” life. Give it a try, take an unexpected trip to the ocean, the mountains, etc. and see how well you do when you return, I bet it will be a positive individual.

Author:- Toby Larocque

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Toby Larocque’s Thoughts on the US Presidential Election 2016

It seems that 2016 perhaps has been one of the craziest presidential elections of all times. People are up in arms suggesting that the election has racist undertones, the ideology of Mr. Trump is inherently evil, the economy will suffer and so on. On the other end of the spectrum people are so proud to have a new businessman as a president, someone that is not a politician, or at least ….was not. People love his policies, and are not afraid to say it.


Ultimately if we look at the overall majority vote – it was darn close to the tune of 50/50. I believe, therein lies the true problem that is not often discussed. Whether we chose right, wrong, or what the outcome will be based on our decision, in my opinion, is moot to even discuss.

How is it possible that our nation is divided so close in votes? Statistics alone would tell us the probability of this is extremely low, perhaps even within a probability of 1 out of 100 (contact me for the math later). So, the chances of us being so close, election after election despite a statistical near impossibility, we must begin to accept that something else is at play.

But what else could be at play, is it possible that the choice we choose is based in nothing more than a flip of the coin and each time it lands different? Is it possible that no matter how much analysis our brains do with respect to our political decision for president, the ultimate synopsis firing in our brain is little more than a coin toss, that tricks our emotion and even our logic? Or is it more likely that out of pure random chance 1 out of 2 of us seems to always disagree on the right candidate.

Mathematically it sure seems that we are spending countless billions of dollars, arguments between people, families, and even countries all for no reason at all.

The point of life is to be happy, do good for others, and do right for your religion and family, I think most people would agree. This election has made many people unhappy and it all seems to be without cause. Let’s take the time to be happy with the President we have and be grateful for him or her no matter who is elected. I truly believe with a little hope; happiness can be found regardless of who you as an individual think is best as your political candidate.

For me, the vote I would cast would be for the candidate that will make a law that each election, every voter must flip a coin. The ballet will have your actual vote and your coin toss vote. It is my sincere belief that if we did this 1000 times, the statistical outcome would be consistent (not meaning the candidates would be the same), but the variance amongst candidates would converge to 0 in infinite. Basically, the coin would show that option A won 500 times and B won 500 times, just as often as your vote was a winning candidate or a losing candidate. We could then create a mathematical conclusion by analyzing the whole (how often every coin toss was right compared to every vote).

I believe this would be converge to the same number, and if I am right, our vote truly is entirely meaningless. We might as well flip a coin and save pour brain power for things that matter like playing at the park with our kids, caring for the elderly, and contemplating the true meaning of life.

Author :- Toby Larocque

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A Brief Introduction About The Life Of A Successful Entrepreneur Named Toby Larocque

Toby Larocque is a successful entrepreneur who is known for his business skills all over the world. He has the potential of taking a business from ground to the top position and had done this successfully many times in the past. He is now 38 years of age and achieved so much in his life and still goes strong. The given blog is all about what he had done till now. Starting from his graduation degree, which he had completed in the field of Business Economics and Spanish from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) in the year 2000.


Once his graduation degree was completed, he joined a public accounting firm. While working there, he was not very much satisfied and left the job and started Firefly Imports, a business dealing in the sales of home furnishing items mainly furniture. This business didn’t bring much profit and had to be closed down. The failure of this business brings a positive change to Mr. Larocque who moved on to a completely different field of fishing, where he started a fishing charter operation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. During this time, he also learned how to create online presence.

Later, he opened a company named Targeted Advertising Solutions, LLC. The company’s main business was to help other growing companies create functional web applications. This company became a success and after that Mr. Toby Larocque created Killer Filter, Inc., an eCommerce business dealing in the sales of industrial filtration products. This business also became a success and was later sold out. After that, Toby created NebuCore, a business management software to help owners of small and medium sized businesses to handle their business. Presently, he is serving as the VP, Director of Operations in NebuCore.

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Take A Lesson From Toby Larocque’s Life

Toby Larocque is a nice human being who is serving as the VP, Operations in NebuCore. He has done a lot of struggle to reach this position. His career is full of ups and downs and sets an example for others who can learn many things from his life. He is a graduate of University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and completed his degree in the field of Business Economics and Spanish in the year 2000. After completing his graduation degree, he joined a public accounting firm. He was not very much satisfied with the job so he left the job and started a company named Firefly Imports.

Placeholder Image

This company didn’t bring much profit and has to be closed down due to the fall in the economy. He changed his field and started a fishing charter operation in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, a completely different business venture. What a change? You cannot predict the life of an entrepreneur. He then started a company named Targeted Advertising Solutions, LLC, that develops functional web applications for other growing companies. Later this company became a success. In the meantime, Mr. Toby Larocque learned how to create online presence. He wanted to take benefit of this skill so he jumped into the eCommerce field and started an eCommerce company named Killer Filter, Inc. that deals in the sales of industrial filtration products.

Later this business also became a success, but it was sold out to some other people. Mr. Toby Larocque kept the design that was used for Killer Filter and created NebuCore using the same platform. NebuCore is a business management software that is created to help small and medium sized businesses to control their online business operations. Toby is now 38 years old, but he has something in him that keeps him active always and still he comes up with innovative ideas to enter into new markets.

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Toby Larocque


Toby Larocque, who is currently the VP Operations at NebuCore, which is a cloud-based business management software. Toby completed his graduation with specialty in Business Economics from UCSB in Santa Barbara in the year 2000. Till date, he has worked with several organizations such as Killer Filter, Inc., Targeted Advertising Solutions and PV Marlin Sportfishing.

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